Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Full Sun Shoot| Sarnia/Lambton County Lifestyle Portrait Photographers

Yikes, this was a difficult shoot! Not the clients, but rather the glaring sun off the water. It would have been much simpler if it had been morning, but the session had been scheduled for the evening, so we went with it. In the end I am very happy with some of the photos, but I'm thinking I would like to do a few more shoots in full sun. It would be good to get some more practice on how to use the angle of the sun to the greatest benefit of our clients. Some learning can only by done by practice, practice, and more practice.

Boys will be boys :o)!

They were far more interested in the rocks all around them than having their photos taken.

Thank you M and C and boys for putting up with the bright sunlight! Regardless it was a beautiful evening on the water and we hope you had fun!

Because we remember moments not days...

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Angie said...

Thanks so much for adding me as a fav. photogs :) I'm flattered!