Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Out on the Golf Course | Sarnia/ Lambton County Portrait Photographers

What a marvelous place!! I'm so glad the S family asked to have their photos done here. It was drizzling when we headed out, but by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped and we could head out onto the course for some photos. The overcast skies enabled us to take the photos wherever we pleased. On the course, from the clubhouse, in front of the pro shop, or by the fountain, the options were endless.

Thank you D and J for showing us this gem of a place! We had a great time taking your portraits. Hopefully we will get to do some more shoots here.

Because we remember moments, not days...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Beautiful Mommy-to-Be| Sarnia/Lambton County Maternity Portrait Photographers

I was so excited that S asked me to do her maternity portraits. And after having so much fun doing our first maternity session in May, I was really looking forward to doing S's. Their place is gorgeous! It used to be an old plant nursery, so the trees and flowers are growing are in abundance everywhere! They make for beautiful shady spots and lots of greenery. S was excited to have her photos done, so we began outside.

I especially loved this brick wall belonging to the old store/maintenance area -- a little bit of urban in the country.

S's husband indulged us with a couple of poses.

In the beautiful big picture window.

And in the nursery of the much anticipated little one. Isn't S a radiant mom-to-be?! She was so willing to let us try some new and different poses, as well as coming up with some wonderful ideas of her own.

Congratulations F and S! We enjoyed doing your photos and look forward to seeing your sweet new bundle in September.

Because we remember moments, not days...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The VH Family| Sarnia/Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

All the heaviness and humidity of the day before blew out with the storms through the night. It was breezy, but beautiful evening. The VH family joined us at a local park which borders on the lake. They were so relaxed in front of the camera that I couldn't resist taking a few extra photos. Doesn't their clothing lend itself beautifully to the blue of the sky and water and the lush green of the bush?

Thank you F and J for letting me take a few extra photos! You were very fun to photograph!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chopper| Sarnia/Lambton County Pet Portrait Photographer

Chopper is a one year old Jack Russell Terrier with an insatiable love for water. He also has a curious habit of rocking back and forth, back and forth until he dips his head underwater and pops up with a rock in his mouth. Never still for a moment, it was fun to try to get pictures of him.

If chopper didn't belong to one of the homes along the lake, we would have gladly taken him home with us :o).

Because we remember moments, not days...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The L Family | Sarnia/ Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

We met with the L family on a beautiful Friday evening. They live in a lovely home with an incredible backyard full of perennials and other beautiful plants. The pump pictured in the bottom photo is real and could be repaired to working condition again if they so chose. Where they live was originally farmland and that pump belonged to the original farmhouse which is not their home, but the neighbour's home. Very cool! I insisted that we get a photo of them standing behind the pump.

It was a joy and a pleasure to take the L family's photos. I love that not only do I get to do something I enjoy, but I learn new and wonderful things about our church family. What a gift to us!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Humour | Sarnia/ Lambton County Photographers

Murray and I always look forward to the newest arrival of Popular Photography. We love all the different features of this magazine, from how to take better shots, using lighting, and the ongoing battle of the newest and best in camera technology.

I want to share a letter to the editor from this month's issue. It quite cracked me up as I could so identify with Mr. Fairbrother.

Family Therapy

On a family trip to Kananaskis, Alberta, we walked through the provincial park, and the beauty was astounding. I didn't realize it, but I kept getting ahead of my family, eager to see what lay beyond the next bend. I was seeing it not as a tourist, but as a photographer, in highlights and shadows, compositions and lines. Lost in my own world behind the viewfinder, I was exhilarated. Suddenly, my wife remarked that I must be in a bad mood because I was ignoring her and my two young boys.

Reflecting on this, I recalled other family outings where my desire to photograph what we were experiencing superseded my ability to enjoy it as a family. Other than leaving the camera behind, what can I do?

~ Brian Fairbrother
Comox, BC, Canada

Pop Photo's Answer : Buy three more cameras.

From Popular Photography July 2009

Because we remember moments not days...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The D Family | Sarnia/Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

Yesterday was another perfect day for a shoot -- although, it did try and rain on us at the very beginning! Because there was no sun to play with, we were able to go pretty much anywhere to take photos. This makes it tough in a sense because then there are just too many places to choose from. C and C's girls are the cutest! They're also very comfortable in front of the camera, which makes for easy picture taking for Murray and I. I may be a little biased (because we're related), but what a gorgeous family! Thanks C and C and girls for coming out on a Saturday morning! We hope you had fun too!

The end :0D!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The J Family | Sarnia/Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

I had the most incredible attack of nerves before this shoot. Simply because I knew it wasn't just one set of family photos that we would be taking, but several families -- and some of the entire family at that! Mrs. J was celebrating a special birthday and had been wanting new family pictures for some time now, so her children surprised her by dressing in coordinating family colours and having a photographer come in to get portraits done.

However, I needn't have worried because the J family made us feel right at home and they know how to have fun! Oh wow!! They have the most incredible gardens out back. It was like a private oasis!! Between the beautiful gardens and overcast skies, we had the perfect setting for plenty of photos.

Here they did an almost perfect job of pretending they were getting an early 1900's photo done. Someone in the back row was trying not to crack up :0).

Mrs. J with her sister.

Some more fun! This was totally impromptu. I had to laugh that little Miss A did this so quickly and willingly. What a hoot!

Little J. The only grandson. His gap toothed grin was fresh that morning. Too cute!
A warm thank you to the J family for a fun-filled afternoon. Thank you for being so willing to have many many photos taken! You were wonderfully patient to be "forced" to stand in front of a camera off and on all afternoon!

Because we remember moments, not days...