Sunday, October 17, 2010

The H Family| Sarnia/ Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

We have had the pleasure of photographing the H family before, but their family has changed a little since the last time. They have added a sweet little boy to their family of four. J has grown their family through the journey of adoption. We have followed their journey from the beginning. It's near and dear to our hearts as we too are on the adoption road.

It is such a gift  to see a beautiful family who has completed their adoption journey! Little J has blessed the H family's lives and has changed it in innumerable ways. He has brought much joy to their lives. It was so nice to be able to record a moment in time for them with photos of their family and what they and each of their sweet children are like this stage in their lives.Thank you, M and R for asking us to capture your family again! We greatly enjoyed our time with you!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Urban Grunge Shoot | Sarnia/Lambton County Portrait Photographers

Murray and I took five teens out on Thanksgiving Monday afternoon for an urban grunge session. What a great time we all had! It was fun to come up with ideas for shots and let the  young people run with the ideas they had too. I think we were gone about three and a half hours and if it hadn't been getting chilly and dark, we could have stayed out a little longer yet!

The following are some of the ones of all five of them together.

They worked very well together! My only wish is that Sarnia had more graffitti. Sorry powers that be for the City of Sarnia, but it's true! We had to resort to flowers in the end :o).

Because we remember moments, not days...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Antique Bliss | Sarnia/Lambton County Photographers

I was invited to join our local homeschool group for an afternoon of antiques. It was a marvelous day and the turn out of parents and children was great. To top it all off, Mr. and Mrs. H graciously opened their property to us so we could learn more about how things worked before the modern conveniences of today. Talk about fascinating! I've often wished I lived in a different era, and this afternoon of watching and photographing their awesome collection reminded me again of how different life was back then. It was so awesome for the children to be allowed and even encouraged to touch all the neat things around them!

Family outings are still done in the Model T

Perhaps that's why I like being a natural light photographer. I may be shooting with a high end camera, but ultimately I am at the mercy of the light. The light will never change. There will always be shadows, highlights, hot spots, and bokeh. 

Light is simple. It's clean and bright! Life used to be simple. Sometimes it would be nice to bring the simple back. What you see is what you get. It was nice to see and enjoy the simple for an afternoon.

Finally, some more photos from the afternoon...

 Whoa that's a lot of tools!

 A creamer still in working order.

 Potbellied stove.

 A doctor's bag. (I've always wanted one of these. Don't know why though).

 Very early school books. 10 cents for a book! I wish :o)!

 The evolution of pens. It was messy business back then!

 It still runs!!

 Likewise, it's still in working order.

Breadmaking made easier.

I could post many many more photos of our afternoon, but this would be a very very long post. It was definitely a memorable afternoon for everyone involved! A very warm thank you goes out to the H family and their friends for hosting such a fun and informative afternoon!

Because we remember moments, not days...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golden | Sarnia/Lambton County Nature Photographers

It sounds more poetic to say golden, than yellow, but this post is indeed full of yellow. Yellow is one of the dominant colours of the fall -- especially dependent upon where you live. Here are a few yellow photos that I captured one afternoon:

Remembering moments not days...

Soccer Season | Wyoming/ Lambton County Events Photographers

I had to go through these photos carefully as it is against school policy to post photos of the other children without parental consent, so these are only of our girls. Murray and I were thrilled to learn that both our girls were going to be playing on the soccer team this fall. I attended their tournament cameras in tow, of course. What a beautiful day it was! It was great to watch all the girls play and work as a team. I was impressed with the huge number of boys and girls from our school who played. Our daughters' school in not that large, but I think almost every one of the children from grades 5 to 8 participated. Both teams got royally whooped, but they were playing schools two to three times their size that only had their grade seven and eight students playing, It was like watching David face Goliath. The giants among the dwarfs :o)!

It's good to see our daughters running and participating with their classmates:

Because we remember moments, not days...

F and C | Sarnia/ Lambton County Portrait Photographers

We were supposed to do this session on Saturday, the 2nd of October, but it was a cold, wet, and rainy day that reminded me more of the middle of November than the first weekend in October, so we rescheduled it for the next day.

Sunday was still windy and cool, but at least there was no rain and some bursts of sunlight. F and C are one of the most photogenic and relaxed couples we have had the pleasure of shooting :oD.

We started out on the front porch of their beautiful home and even managed to get Sam, their gorgeous 15 y.o. kitty in one of the photos:

From their home we moved to F's family's beach property. Ooooh, what a beautiful spot!

And then, F And C walked off into the sunset ;o)!

Thank you both for giving us the privilege of taking your portraits! We hope you enjoyed your session as much as we did.

Becuase we remember moments, not days...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Interrupt this Silence | Sarnia/Lambton County Nature Photographers

It's the busiest time of the year for us. Everyone, including us, loves fall photos!!. I'm am obviously very behind in the posting, but it is my goal to remedy that this week. There is nothing more boring than for our three followers ;o) to be hoping to see something new and it's still the same old thing. Our portrait sessions especially, deserve their own separate posts, so please bear with us, as I work towards getting us caught up again! There's some fun and even different shoots coming up! This isn't just a job, it's a passion (bordering on obsession) as some days I literally eat sleep and breathe photography!!

And because what's a post without a photo, this is one of the reasons why we enjoy autumn:

Oh yeah, bring on the high colour!

Remembering moments, not days...