About Us

I'm Deborah, the Principle Photographer for Lavender Rise.

When I pick up a camera, I almost immediately get into what I call "the zone". Whether it is a family portrait, children or newborn portraits, pet portraits, or a stock photography assignment, the busyness of the world around me drops away and my focus is solely through the lens. I am a professional photographer, but not a perfect photographer. I am always learning and working on advancing my skills through courses (both online and live), forums, formal and informal associations with other professional photographers, and hours of studying and practice.
When I sit down to edit, I get lost in a world of sunlight and shadow, small quirks and nuances that make my clients who they are. The sleepy look on a newborn's face, and smirk on a little boy's face, the laugh lines around a senior family member's eyes. It's the joy of new life, of family, of love. Certain moments in a shoot as in our lives stand out among others. It's because we remember moments, not days that I pick up my camera almost every single day. It brings me joy to bless you with photos that you will treasure always.