Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Evening Shoot | Sarnia/ Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

It was a warm night yesterday evening, but not like the high nineties temperatures we'd been having earlier in the week and thus a great night for some family portraits. The M's property had beautiful spots for photos! I could have taken photos all evening, but I had another engagement that night too, so I had to keep myself in check :o). There were so many great shots in this session that I had a hard time keeping my choices down to post too.

This photo makes me smile -- not just because I love it, but because of what I don't see in the photo. If you look at the first one, you see Bindy the dog, as well as an adored blankie tucked over the crook of Miss H's arm. In this photo, Blankie was confiscated by Mom and Dad, and placed out of camera range. Bindy, however, is technically in the photo. She decided to lie down behind her family.

What a beautiful place! A pond with an island, nice large trees, and a boat to paddle in. M family, we had a great time doing your photos. Thank you for taking time out on a busy Saturday to let us come and take your pictures!

Because we remember moments, not days...

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