Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walk to the Canola Field | Sarnia/ Lambton County Nature Photographers

On Monday evening I decided to take a walk to our neighbors canola field. The canola was almost done flowering, but I thought I would try to get a few last pictures of the field as the sun was going down.

I took our old Sony alpha 100 with a 75-300mm lens. I hadn't done much shooting with this lens so this was a good opportunity to experiment with it.

On may hike there I passed by a wheat field. I was surprised the the heads of wheat were already coming out! It's only May! This first picture is of the wheat field. The sun was close to the horizon, so I had to hurry to get to the canola field before it set.

But I had time for a few more pictures before I got there. I don't know what this is. All I know is that it is old and for some reason they moved it just into the wheat field. I think Deborah wants the big old steel wheels somewhere around the yard at home.

The sun was just above the tree line when I reached the field, and so the experimenting began. First a little depth of field with a really long lens.

Then some exposure adjustments. I think this was my favorite of the shoot. I like how the light from the sunset is carried into the tree line.

The sun was almost gone. One last shot to get the canola focused and some light background bokeh.

Now I had to get back home before it was completely dark, and the mosquitoes ate me for their evening snack.

When I got home there was just one more shot I had to try to get. The moon was up, but not quit full. Spinning the lens out to 300mm and hand holding the camera I took a few portraits of the man in the moon. I think I caught him a little by surprise!

Okay, now the mosquitoes were really bad, so I had to go in. The experimenting was done for an evening.

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CanadaGerry said...

You certainly have a great eye for natural beauty. Great stuff!