Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Means Football | Sarnia/Lambton County Events Photographers

I confess, I haven't truly watched a football game since highschool and I still have no idea of the rules of the game either! However, I now have a son and a nephew who have embarked on their highschool careers, and for one of them that also means playing football.

It was hot and breezy for our nephew's first ever game. Perfect for the fans, but not so great for the players, I'm sure. I mostly watched the game through the camera lens, but it still brought back the memories of the excitement of an evening out to watch a football game with friends.

This was the junior team season opener for SCITS and LCCVI. In the end, SCITS got skunked, but what a great game to watch. Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the game.

Our son has several friends at LCCVI one of whom plays on the fottball team, so here are a few shots of him too. Funny thing is, he and our nephew faced off a few times!

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Remembering moments, not days...

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