Monday, March 15, 2010

Geocaching in PR -- Not as Simple as in Canada | Sarnia/ Lambton County Photographers

Our first attempt at geocaching in Puerto Rico resulted in utter failure, but we're not ones to give up too quickly. It was the one and only day we had of rain -- if you could call the warm light drizzle we experienced rain. Although the locals all used their umbrellas, or hid from it in buildings, we trotted around in the rain tying to find an illusive cache. Well, it wasn't to be found for us. The clues led us to believe it was somewhere in the parking lot, as did our GPS coordinates.

The clues also said to use stealth in the parking lot. Does Murray look like he is using stealth here :o)?

During our second attempt a few days later, we were a little more successful.

Sneaking behind the locked gate which was really just an illusion because ten feet to the right there was no fence at all!

Is it in the tree?

Yes! Success! We left a Cdn. nickel behind.

Seriously! Could it get any more gorgeous than this?!? This one took us a looong time to find, and in the end it was a surprise that we found it at all, but Bub's persistence paid off.

(One little girl losing interest in the hunt).

Another cache is given a Cdn. nickel.

Some cool cards in this cache.

Our final geocaching attempt was also fruitless, but fun despite it all. We went to a small town near Rincón where they have a big aluminum statue of a cow standing at the corner of a busy intersection. Somewhere near that cow was the cache, but could we find it? Nope! I wish I had thought to take some photos, but they would have had to have been of me peering persistently into the nostrils of the cow. I was sure the cache was in her nostrils -- there was a purple cylinder in there!! Thankfully me standing on tiptoe peering into an aluminum cow's nostrils did not cause any accidents. We couldn't leave any more nickles behind though :o(.

Geocaching in PR is nothing short of an adventure!

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Phebe Meeder said...

awesome---looks like you had a good time

dianne - bunny trails said...

What a blast! We've done some letterboxing, but no geocaching (have no GPS) and it's usually a lot of fun. We haven't gone in awhile, though, so I'm hoping to get out again this year.

The stealthy Murry shot is funny!!

The ocean is gorgeous!!