Sunday, January 3, 2010

Geocaching Adventures Two and Three | Sarnia Lambton County Lifestyle Photographers

We went out again on New Year's Eve Day. First on the agenda was to find the cache that we couldn't find in the graveyard. Now that we had a better idea of what we were looking for and where we needed to look, we found it in less than two minutes.

From there we headed back to the gravel pits to see if we could find the rest of the caches in there. We found all but one. They each have a code under them that once solved will enable us to find two more hidden caches. Even though we couldn't find one, the Engineer entered our stats, info, etc., read to me the puzzle code and together we solved it.

A cool wooden coin in one of the caches.
Murray decided to go cross country where no man has gone before ;o) a couple of times. Happily the old gravel pits were frozen over or we would have been swimming.

Happy to be back on the trail again.

Yes, there is perfume in this cache. Strawberry scented. The girls and I all put some on :o)!

Today we headed out again despite the fact that it was -13C with the wind chill. We did five today. All ones along the roadside. One was especially neat because the dates on the bridge enabled you to crack a code to find the hidden cache -- which in fact we almost didn't find. It was hidden within the correct coordinates, but it was hidden in a manner we didn't suspect.

Each one of the caches were so unique. Two were hidden in an interesting manner with fun clues. Another one required Peach's eagle eyes to find it, and the last one wasn't exactly hidden, but was placed where it was because the location was so unique. If this all seems vague to you, it is meant to be. We have to be careful not to say too much as to give away locations to other local geocachers who may stumble upon this blog.

Brrrr! It is cold out!

One thing we've discovered for sure. We have found a new outdoor love, and our family works together very well as a team.

Because we remember moments, not days...

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dianne - bunny trails said...

How fun!! We haven't done any geocaching, but we have gone letterboxing, which is kind of similar. Sadly, I don't think we did a single letterbox in 2009, though. We need to change that for this year!