Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Kids| Sarnia/ Lambton County Children's Portrait Photographers

As much as I would love a studio, with lights, softboxes, backdrops, and cool props, it simply is not in the budget for us (yet). So I resort to what I call my natural light studio. It's our living room with the sun as my light source. It's not perfect (the sun likes to hide behind the clouds at the most inopportune times sometimes), but it works quite well most of the time.

Bub our oldest turned 13 in September. (We have our first teenager in the house)!!  I have outdoor birthday portraits of him, but I wanted to try a few indoor ones too. His glasses make shooting very difficult, but we're so used to him in glasses it seems funny when he doesn't have them on.

Then in December, Squirt, our youngest turned five. December being the busy and overcast month that it was just didn't allow for a good photo afternoon. Now though, I had to get them done as she was happy to report to me that both her top teeth are loose. My brain screamed, "quick get her portraits done before there is no baby left in your baby".

Thankfully we had some sunshine on a quiet afternoon, and I was able to do some portraits of both our youngest and our oldest.

Because we remember moments not days...

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