Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rosy Cheeked Faces| Sarnia/ Lambton County Children's Portrait Photographers

I love the smell of icy fresh air of winter. When the children have spent time playing and running in the slush snow. They come in rosy cheeked and asking for hot chocolate.

Much to my surprise, I captured a snowflake on one of those rosy cheeks!

Remembering moments, not days...


Cathy said...

Your photography skills are professional...are you perhaps?

The snowflake on the cheek...wordless wonder.

Tell your daughter I love her pink bands; Rose too chooses all manner of color on her brace bands. By the way, Rose is thirteen and Charlotte is six.

Lavender Rise said...

Lol! I'm told that because we get paid for much of our work that we are indeed professionals, but there are many days where I feel far from a professional.

I will tell Peach. We go to the dentist this week, I am wondering if she is going to choose red and green this time like her (younger) sister did last year.

Bub is thirteen, Peach is eleven, Beans is nine, and Squirt just turned seven :o).

Thank you for visiting, Cathy!