Sunday, June 7, 2009

Four Couple's Sessions | Sarnia/Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

There is a beautiful park right in the centre of the city. It now boasts mature trees and lovely gardens. The annuals were still being planted, but the trees and shrubs still made it a wonderful place for photographs.

First was the H family. It was very windy, so we were all glad for the shelteredness of this park.

Then the D family.

I love this next photo! They were talking about when Mr. D first proposed. You can still see the love they have for each other radiating in their faces.

We took the T family's photos at their home. The gorgeous tree you see in the following photo is a golden chain tree. They are very unusual and the T's often have people stopping to ask them what kind of tree it is. It only seemed appropiate to get a photo of them in front of this remarkable tree.

Our final session of the evening was the J family. I love their shirts! Opa and Oma are dutch for Grandpa and Grandma. Isn't their backyard beautiful too?!

Not to be forgotten, the J family's dog. If you look closely, you can see her lying behind the bench in the middle photo above. She likes to be with her owners, but I was able to snap a photo of her all by herself.

Another fun evening of photos and learning how to play with the sunlight.

Because we remember moments, not days...

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dianne - bunny trails said...

What lovely photos. How cool that you're doing this. Oma & Opa is used in German as well. My mother-in-law is from Germany (hubs was born there), and she's Oma to my boys. Actually my father-in-law was Opa, also. He's just not here any longer. He beat us all to heaven. :D