Monday, April 5, 2010

Geocaching Successes and Failures | Sarnia/ Lambton County Photographers

Our geocaching adventures were a mix of successes and failures.

Successes: 1) We found three caches.
                 2) We enjoyed some beautiful weather and exercise.

Failures: 1) We failed to complete two cache puzzles because: a) we could not find the one clue cache and
                                                                                              b) we ran out of time.
              2) I didn't bring a second battery for the camera, so the photos are minimal. Thankfully I don't do this on a shoot :oS.

Finding another one of the Lambton County Cemetery (LCC) series. This one is in the cemetery where some of Petrolia's most prominent (and wealthy) early settlers are buried.

 Yesss! Another successful find! The littlest kid found this cache. She was so nonchalant about it that we all laughed.

A clue! (Which  unfortuately, initially led us on a wild goose chase -- until we realized the cache is on the other side of the park). We didn't have time to finish this set.

The wild goose chase.
Searching, searching. This is one of the ones we did not find. Frustrating!

I'm sure if the weather is decent next Sunday, we will head back out to see if we can complete the three step caches and find the ones that eluded us this time. It's addictive I say, addictive.

Because we remember moments, not days...


Yabut said...

Since you are the one with the camera, you can't be blamed for not finding the caches. Who holds the GPS? ;)

Tess said...

I'd love to try this sometime!

Lavender Rise said...


You're right! I'm going to have to remember that for the next time we go. "I'm the camerawoman"!


Next time we plan on going, I'll give you a call. Then y'all can join in on the fun!