Sunday, November 8, 2009

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After a busy morning of getting ready for church, attending church, and often having coffee with fellow church members, we like to spend the afternoons relaxing or playing outdoors. Today was especially beautiful -- and perhaps one of the last gorgeous fall days we will have this year.
The guys played a little one on one.

Then it was time for some fun on the tire swing and in the leaves.

I love those splayed out little toes!!

Bub peers down from his perch atop the monkey bars.

Off for a hike through the field and to the creek.

I'm pretty sure were no socks in these boots.

Walking the the furrow was much easier. Still a little bit of fall colour on some of the trees.

I cross the creek? I wonder how deep it is?

Whew! We all made it!

Aww, Mom!! No posy pictures, please!!

What a gorgeous afternoon!

Because we remember moments not days...

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