Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Explanation for Lack of and Missing Sections of Posting.

I am behind in posting here due to the fact that our main computer had some issues. It now has a new hard drive, but the old hard drive is still in the shop because the files in the F drive will not transfer. Any guesses as to what is on the F drive?? Yes! Every. Single. One. Of our photos!! Thankfully we have all but one shoot and a bunch of personal photos backed up to our external hard drive. I am praying that we will get all the files back though because the one shoot is a very important one -- and our clients have already seen the photos for that one.

In the end, it's just one BIG reminder to back up every shoot immediately, or don't delete your cards until you have done so!!

Eventually, I hope to have all the photos of the missed days -- and that awesome shoot on here, but until then there will be missed dates.

Because this is a moment we don't want to remember ;o)...

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