Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Story to Tell | Sarnia/Lambton County Portrait Photographers

We met with Mrs. S for a church directory photo session on a Friday evening. At every one of our shoots there is a story to tell, but Mrs. S has many. She and her husband raised four boys, they lost their pig barn to a fire while away visiting family, and she is a two time cancer survivor. She still lives in their original home even though she sold the property a couple of years ago.

We took our first set of photos in front of this rock. This rock came out of the hole 20' deep by 30' square hole that was dug, after the burned down. That was what the ministry told them to do back then. The rock sits at the entrance to their driveway and weighs a few tons. On it you can see some writing. It was done by family who visited from Holland. They have come three separate times. Lower down on the rock are some hens and chicks who are virtually growing in the rock.

Our next set of photos were done in front of a walnut tree that Mr. S planted many years ago. After he planted it, he promptly put a bushel basket under it. When Mrs. S asked him why, he told it was to catch the walnuts of course! It produced walnuts not long after the tree was planted, but the sneaky squirrels enjoyed them far sooner than when they were ripe.

I commented to Mrs. S on her pretty white outfit and she laughed and said,"I've had this forever, you just don't wear white on a farm!" I'm glad she got to wear it for our photo session and thrilled we got to know her just a little more. Despite all she's been thorough, the love of Christ still shines through her!

Because we remember moments, not days...

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Phebe Meeder said...

i do vbelieve i know her did she not have cancer as well as her husband...please do not agree to post this i would not want her to read this however these amazing photos of her and it is wonderful to see her smile.