Friday, May 22, 2009

A Triple Set | Sarnia/ Lambton County Family Portrait Photographers

We have taken on the momentuous, but fun task of photographing all the families in our church for a new church directory. Our first sessions began on May 8 and will continue until we have completed all the families/individuals in our church. Not everyone will be posted here as some are not comfortable with their pictures being on the internet, but there will be many new portrait photos popping up over the next several months.

The goal of this new directory is to have it continually up to date. It will enable new families who join our church to recognize people and their names more quickly, and will allow members to update their photos as their families change.

The following are our first three sessions for the directory. It was a beautiful day with storms looming in the distance.We were able to get in all three shoots before the heavens let loose and it poured!! The first two were taken at a local park. The third one was at his home as this member is wheelchair bound.

The park is such a lovely place for photographs as the scenery is always changing and there are so many places to choose from.

Mr. R's place is also very beautiful. He has a gorgeous cherry tree out front and beautiful gardens out front too! I love the bold colours of spring! We did a few in his gardens and then did some more in the back yard. We had just completed the last of the photos when the thunderstorm was upon us. We were able to visit for a bit until the rain let up somewhat. We then made a mad dash for our car.

A warm thank you to our first three families for an enjoyable first day of church portrait sessions. It's going to be a busy, but fun summer getting to know our church family a whole lot better!

Because we remember moments, not days...

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